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Yo Yo Chick


  • Small yellow print cotton fabric
  • 1 inch Pom Poms for head
  • Needle and Yellow thread
  • 2 black beads for eyes
  • Hot glue
  • Yellow and Orange felt
  • Yellow foamie
  • Yellow feather
  • Ribbon

  1. Cut 2-3 inch circles from fabric. Cut 4- 3 inch circles from fabric.
  2. Sew around edges and pull to gather and make a yo yo. Place larger yo yos in center with two smaller yo yos on top and bottom.
  3. Cut feet from felt. Then glue yo yos to top of feet to create the body. Glue larger pom pom on top for head.
  4. Glue bead eyes on pom pom.
  5. Cut out beak and feet from orange felt. Glue in place.
  6. Cut out wings from yellow felt. Glue in place
  7. Tie bow around the neck.
  8. Hot glue tuft of yellow feather to top of head.