Yarn Christmas Tree


  • Yarn Ė Red Heart Ė Super Saver Spring Green
  • Paper Mache Cone Ė 10.63 Inches X 4 Inches
  • Pom-Poms Ė Assorted Colors
  • Hot Glue

  1. Heat Glue Gun.
  2. Begin at the bottom of the cone by gluing the end -1 inch strip of yarn from the bottom of the cone going up. Let cool.
  3. Carefully wrap the yarn around the cone going up to the top of the cone. With each turn of the cone, add a bit of hot glue to secure the yarn as you go. You canít wrap the yarn without securing it in place; it may slide off the cone.
  4. When you get to the top of the cone, carefully wrap back down from the point to the bottom. You will be filling in the small gaps that you didnít fill on the way up.
  5. When you reach the bottom, wind the last 1 inch of yarn to the inside of the cone and secure with hot glue.
  6. Hot glue assorted pom-poms around the cone carefully placing them so that no identical colors are side-by-side. (we used 24 in all).
  7. Finish off with a pom-pom on the top.