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Yarn By Weight

Find your yarn material by weight at Beverly’s online fabric store, your source for discount fabric! A super fine textile requires a needle size 1-3 and will yield 27-32 stitches per four inches. Fabric in this category is suited for baby materials and other delicate items. With fine textiles, you can expect to use a size 3-5 needle and make 23-26 stitches per four inches. Light fabrics can be used for delicate blankets, baby accessories and similar items. A needle size 5-7 is required, and 21-24 stitches per four inches can be achieved. For the average throw rug and other winter apparel fabrics, medium (worsted) yarn is desirable. It gives 16-20 stitches per four inches and requires a size 7-9 needle. Rugs and cloth craft projects may use bulky yarn, which requires a size 9-11 needle and yields 12-15 stitches per four inches. Carpets and winter comforters can be made from super bulky yarn, which requires a size 11 or larger needle and only yields 6-11 stitches per four inches.