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Wood Block Bunny Family


  1. Sierra Pacific unfinished wood block set
  2. Acrylic paint - assorted colors for bunnies
  3. White pearl paint for teeth
  4. Foamie sheets - white, brown pink, grey
  5. Petaloo flowers
  6. Mod Podge, Craft Thread
  7. Hot glue
  8. Pom poms, wiggle eyes, Petaloo flowers
  9. Pencil, black Sharpie

Project Downloads
  1. Paint wood blocks with desired colors - let dry.
  2. Draw faces on each bunny family member with a pencil and paint.
  3. When dry, paint with Mod Podge. Also paint thread with Mod Podge.
  4. Glue on wiggly eyes with hot glue. Glue thread for whiskers
  5. Cut 2 ears out for each bunny using white Foamie sheets.
  6. Cut a smaller pink Foamie sheet and glue to inside of white ear.
  7. Attach ears to top of bunny heads, embelish female bunnies with flowers by ears. Glue Pom Poms to backs of all for tails.