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Wine Glass Chandelier

Create your own wine glass chandelier with this free how-to series from Beverly's!

Materials: 3 Grapevine Wreaths in 8", 10" and 12" 3 Ivy Garlands 7 Wine Goblets 10 Small Grape Clusters Paddle Wire Twine

Instructions: 1. Wrap each grapevine wreath with ivy garland. Secure ends with paddle wire; trim to fit. 2. Wire grape clusters evenly around each wreath as follows: -4 clusters on 12" wreath. -3 clusters each on 8" and 10" wreaths. 3. Wire wine glass stems to each wreath evenly between grape clusters. 4. Use twine to tie wreaths together as shown in photo, leaving enough space between each wreath to see bowl of wine goblet. 5. Cut four equal pieces of twine desired hanging length. Twist two strands together and attach to opposite sides of 12" wreath. Repeat with remaining two strands, as shown in photo. 6. Gather all four strands of twine together at the top & tie to create hanging loop. 7. Hang your wreath and enjoy!