> > > Whimsical Sugarplum Trees

Whimsical Sugarplum Trees


  • Chenille Stems
  • Pony Beads
  • Jingle Bells
  • Fishing Line

Project Downloads
  1. Fold one chenille stem in half, threading a jingle bell up to the middle. Twist together to make a thick tree trunk
  2. Cut two stems in half for the top two rows of branches
  3. Twist one half stem around trunk. Thread pony beads on each end and fold to secure. Curl the ends around a pencil into spirals (as shown)
  4. Repeat for a second upper branch
  5. Repeat the branch process with half stems for the middle and whole stems for the bottom branches
  6. Thread fishing line through the top of the twisted trunk and tie in a hanging loop