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Wedding Fabric Sweetheart Satin - Copper

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Wedding Fabric Sweetheart Polyester Satin in Copper

Sweetheart Satin Dusty Copper: This is the latest addition to the Sweetheart Satin collection, featuring an earthy and rustic copper hue that embodies that sought after satin sheen and luxurious feel. This polyester satin solid is perfect for giving your upcoming formal design project a warm and elegant feel. Order a few yards and try it out today!

Sweetheart Satin Wedding Fabric: Sweetheart Satin is a phenomenal collection of stunningly gorgeous basic satin solids that come in a large selection of positively breathtaking shades and hues to choose from, featuring everything from periwinkle blue to hunter green! Sweetheart Satins are all woven using top quality 100% polyester fibers, affording them an extremely sleek and luxurious feel and an eye catching glossy surface that is absolutely perfect for introducing a splash of elegance into any formal design or apparel projects! To wrap things up, the Sweetheart Satin collection is a fabulous and functional variety of positively gorgeous basic satin solids that will undoubtedly aide you in sprucing up all of your forthcoming formal events with their unbeatably smooth and elegant hands! Order a few yards online today from us here at Beverly’s, your one stop discount fabric shop!


SKU : 45000009776
Material : Satin
Content : 100% polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 58/60
Manufacturer Number : COPPER-SS
Condition : New
Color : Brown
Manufacturer : Vitex