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Wedding Fabric Sweetheart Satin - Blue

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Wedding Fabric Sweetheart Satin Blue

This print is a spiffy, sky blue satin fabric that is made out of 100% polyester material. Satin is a really gorgeous, versatile fabric that creates all kinds of tasteful items due its rich color, silky texture, shiny, and light catching qualities. Use this textile on wedding dresses, home decor accents, and even Halloween costumes; Sweetheart Satin is sure to serve you well! Satin is truly a chic fabric and we at Beverly's are thrilled we can provide it through our online fabric store!


SKU : 45088969265
Material : Satin
Content : 100% Polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 58/60
Manufacturer Number : BLUE-SS
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : Vitex