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Wedding Fabric Barcelona Spandex Stretch Satin - Seafoam

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Wedding Fabric Barcelona Stretch Satin in Seafoam

Barcelona Stretch Satin in Seafoam: Indulge in the latest addition to the Barcelona Stretch Satin collection. This fabulous basic satin solid is in a positively breathtaking seafoam green hue that is ideal for introducing a bright and bubbly splash of color into your upcoming formal event or attire project! Order a few yards and try it out today!

Sweetheart Satin Wedding Fabric: The Barcelona Stretch Satin collection is superb variety of stunningly beauteous basic satin solids that are available to you in a wide and ever abounding array of truly vibrant shades and hues that are sure to inspire and exhilarate the senses. All Barcelona Stretch Satin solids are woven using 95% polyester fibers and 5% spandex, making for an incredibly lush and elegant material that also embodies considerable flexibility that makes it perfect for constructing apparel and formal attire that is both fashionable and comfortable. In summation the Barcelona Stretch Satin collection is a phenomenal array of fabulous and functional polyester-spandex composite satins that will undoubtedly meet and satisfy all of your creative needs, and we here at Beverly’s online fabric store are positively delighted to supply them to you at an affordable discount price! Order a few yards today and get crafty!


SKU : 45000009832
Material : Satin
Content : 95% polyester 5% spandex
Fabric Width (inches) : 58/60
Manufacturer Number : SEAFM-BSS
Condition : New
Color : Green
Manufacturer : Vitex