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Watercolor Apron


  • Canvas Apron
  • Assorted Sharpie™ Pens
  • Muslin Fabric
  • Wonder Under™ Fusible Web
  • Multi Colored Trim
  • Fabric Tac™ Glue
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol – 70%
  • Large grocery bags
  • Buttons - Green
  • Embroidery Floss/Craft Thread

  1. Press apron with iron to remove wrinkles.
  2. Press muslin with iron to remove wrinkles.
  3. Tape edges of muslin flat on work surface.
  4. Slide opened grocery bags underneath muslin. (this will absorb pen and alcohol while working)
  5. Using a Sharpie™ pen, mark every 6 inches on the short side of the fabric. Your sections to be decorated are 4 inches each. The extra will give you the best selection of fabric to be used.
  6. Using assorted Sharpie™ pens draw a random design across the length of the muslin in each section. (I used several similar colors from the rainbow on each section). Be sure to change the colors in each section so that the finished ruffles will "flow".
  7. After the pen work is done, apply the alcohol with a sponge dauber. You can always go back after it is dried and add more pen and more alcohol.
  8. Tear into 4 inch width strips.
  9. Cut piece of muslin the same size as your pocket plus 1 inch.
  10. Turn edges in ˝ inch on all sides and stitch.
  11. Gather each piece of muslin to fit across the stitched muslin.
  12. Overlap slightly as you sew each of the 5 strips of fabric across the muslin.
  13. Cut piece of Wonder Under™ same size as the ruffled muslin.
  14. Following directions on fusible web iron onto the back side of the muslin. Fuse to the top of the pocket on the apron.
  15. Tear two small strips of water colored muslin approximately 1 ˝ inches wide by 12 inches long. These will be your flowers on the apron front.
  16. Starting at one end, fold the corner down to make a triangular point. Stitch in place. Continue to gather, roll and stitch creating a flower. Repeat with the 2nd flower. This could be either the same fabric or another color.
  17. Stitch in place on the front of the apron.
  18. Make 5 - 1 inch loops from the rainbow trim to create a flower. Stitch together in place. Fabric Tac™ to the front of the apron.
  19. Using the embroidery floss/ craft thread, embroider flower stem using a 1/8 inch running stitch.
  20. Add rainbow trim to apron starting at end of tie, going up and around the neck strap and ending at the opposite end of the other tie. Leave a little extra to tuck under as you begin and end your stitching. Add a drop of Fabric Tac™ to completely secure.
  21. Using the floss or thread, sew through your decorative buttons. These will look like leaves. Now, using the Fabric Tac™ glue, stick them in place on the sides of the stems.

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