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Wedding Rings - Gold - 6 Pack Bundle

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Victoria Lynn Decorative Wedding Rings 6 Pack Bundle in Gold from Darice

About this Product: Darice is absolutely delighted to offer to you this fantastic pack of Victoria Lynn decorative wedding rings! This bundle includes 6 packs, each pack containing 24 individual rings making for a total of 144 rings, all in a positively radiant golden hue, accented with elegant textured designs! Order a 6 pack bundle online today from us here at Beverly’s and decorate your wedding shower or formal event favors with a stylish decorative ring!

- Bundle contains 6 packs

- Each pack contains 24 individual rings

- 144 rings total


SKU : 08267636107
UPC : 082676361074
Manufacturer Number : 1621-65
Condition : New
Color : Gold
Manufacturer : Darice
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