Ultra Thin Kelly Wood Letters 6 Inch - F

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Ultra Thin Kelly Wood Letter F.

• 1/8in. Thick

• 6in. Tall

• Kelly Lettering

• Unfinished

About this Product: This hand crafted unfinished wood letter measures 6in. tall and is about 3in. at its widest part. Styled in a Kelly Font this wood letter is gender neutral which makes it great for a multitude of projects. It is also very thin, which is perfect for adhering it to smooth surfaces such as a dresser. Or you can use it to create unique custom plaques and signs for weddings and parties or the home.

Wood letters are often used as wall decorations in nurseries and the home. Since these wood letters are unfinished they can be decorated in any way imaginable; from painting and staining to covering in fabric with a little help of Mod Podge. They are also often used as decorations for weddings as monograms of the lovely bride and groom, and placed on reception tables or drink and buffet tables.


SKU : 40099923805
Manufacturer Number : F-KELLY
Condition : New
Color : Natural
Manufacturer : Ekkelboom