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Twisted Fabric Flowers

Supplies for Twisted Fabric Flower Crafts:

1/4 yard of fabric or one fat quarter Felt Glue gun For Pin or Headband: Buttons or pearls Headband or pin back For Necklace: beads stringing wire crimp beads 2 split rings clasp crimp tool 1/8" ribbon needle and thread

Instructions for Twisted Fabric Flower:

1. Cut felt circle to desired size of flower.

2. Cut 1 to 3 strips (depending on size of flower) that are each 2" or 3" wide (depending on size of flower).

3. Fold strip in half, gather end in your fingers and glue to center of felt.

4. With strip folded in half, twist and scrunch fabric around the circle, in a spiral, adhering with hot glue as you go.

5. When felt circle is completely full fold strip to the back, glue and trim excess.

6. Embellish with pearls or buttons if desired.

To Make Headband:

1. To cover ends, before wrapping the headband, cut 2 pieces offabric or ribbon 2" long and V'wide. Lay piece on end of headband so that 1 "width offabric (or ribbon) is on the outside of the headband and when it folds over tip of headband there is another inch to go to the inside. Glue in place on front and back of each end tip (small amount will hang overside edges that should be folded to the back side as you begin wrapping headband in #3).

2. Cut shear fabric 2" wide (if using ribbon it should be 7/8" wide). Need about 6 ft. offabric or ribbon depending on headband size. Fold long edges offabric strip under and glue one end to back of headband close to the tip.

3. Wrap headband overlapping layers just slightly and gluing a few times along the way. Finish on the other end of the headband, trim excess and glue on the inside.

4. Check placement of flower and glue in place.

To Make Pin:

Glue pin back to back of felt and pin on sweater, tote, etc.

To Make Necklace:

1. Cut 1 /8" ribbon 1" longer than width of circle.

2. Put end of ribbon through split ring, fold 1/2" of ribbon under and stitch ribbon across back of flower (if flower is large ribbon should be sewn along upper half of flower so flower top will NOT flop over when wearing)

3. When 1/2" from the other side of felt put second split ring on ribbon, fold end under and continue stitching until ribbon is secured firmly to the felt. Split ring should be right along the edge of the felt.

4. Determine length of necklace and add 5 inches, cut wire in half. Secure each half to split ring on each side of flower using crimp bead.

5. String each side of necklace with desired beads.

6. Attach clasp to each end of necklace using crimp beads.