If in need of a textile which will work well with in a wide variety of events, crafting projects, and apparel design; tulle is the way to go! Tulle can be used to add a splash of elegance to any future wedding; whether you’re accenting bridesmaid’s dresses or adding to floral centerpiece designs, our tulle is on sale and will not disappoint! All of your formal even needs can be met with tulle, offered in a fine mesh as well as thicker, more stabilizing netting. Wedding fabric is always a headache to try and find, fortunately tulle’s versatility works with most choices, making it a safe bet for taking your décor projects to the next level. But tulles purposes don’t stop at weddings alone; many fun kids crafting projects can be created when using this textile. Tulle is a great way to accent Halloween costumes for children, being able to create an adorable tutu for any little girl. When using tulle it will become apparent over time just how versatile it is; all in all, tulle is one more quality discount fabric our online store is proud to provide.
Please Note: All orders for liquidation sale are shipped as is, invoice adjustments will be made as necessary.