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Trick or Treat Terra Cotta Pot


  • Terra Cotta Flower Pot
  • Acrylic Paint – Black and Orange
  • Hot Glue
  • 1 Inch Wide Lace Trim
  • Thickers™ Lettering
  • Stickles™ - Orange
  • Halloween Ribbon
  • Chalk Marker – White
  • DecoColor™ Paint Pens – Black and White

  1. Paint terra cotta pot black. Let dry.
  2. Paint piece of lace trim orange. Let dry.
  3. Hot glue orange lace trim to rim of terra cotta pot.
  4. Using a dry brush technique, add a small bit of black paint on top of the orange trim. Let dry.
  5. Add the Thickers™ lettering to the front of the pot. Be creative in how you lay out your lettering. We angled the words and put them tightly together gluing in place with hot glue.
  6. Accent the lettering with the orange Stickles™.
  7. Using the chalk markers, draw spider webs around the pot, connecting to the edges of the lettering. Let dry.
  8. Hot glue decorative Halloween ribbon on top of the lace trim and tie in a decorative bow.
  9. Fill the pot with whatever you like and top off with a little black spider.
  10. To make the spider, cut 4 – 1 ˝ inch pieces of fine black wire. Lay them down together, on a metal work surface.
  11. Using hot glue, apply a drop on the center top of the wires to resemble a spider. The glue may expand a bit when applied. Let the hot glue cool.
  12. Color glue with the black DecoColor™ paint pen. Let dry.
  13. Add very tiny white eyes with the DecoColor™ white paint pen. Let dry.
  14. Place spider as desired and hot glue in place.