Trick or Treat Bag


  • 14 inch Canvas Tote Bag
  • Assorted Halloween Fabric Scraps
  • 1/8 Yard Wonder Under
  • Acrylic Paint – Orange
  • Swirl Stencil
  • 1 Inch Black Pom Pom
  • Orange Wiggle Eyes
  • Sharpie™ Pen – Black
  • Assorted Scribbles™ and or Stickles™
  • Orange Fabric Brush Marker
  • Hot Glue or Fabric Tac™

Project Downloads
  1. Lay stencil on top of flat tote bag.
  2. Using orange fabric marker, fill the spaces in the cut out of the stencil. Let dry.
  3. On top of the stenciled design, lay the stencil once again. Using a very dry brush, go over design with orange paint to add dimension. Let dry.
  4. Using the Wonder Under™, press onto scraps where lettering will be cut out. When fused, lay desired lettering patterns (provided) on top of fabric and cut out.
  5. Lay out wording as desired and following directions on Wonder Under™ iron on top of tote bag to fuse together.
  6. Using a Sharpie™ pen, draw a spider web design onto the top of the tote. Using different colors of Stickles™ and or Scribbles™, outline each of the letters with complimentary or contrasting outlines. Let dry.
  7. When dry, hot glue or Fabric Tac™ the black pom pom to web. Add wiggle eyes.
  8. Draw 4 legs on each side of the pom pom body to create a spider.

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