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TreasuRed Valentine Box



Create your own Treasured Valentine Box with this free how-to series from Beverly's! It's a beautiful way to store your own treasured memories!

Materials: -Paper Mache Treasure Chest -Two Coordinating Scrapbook Papers Cardstock Scraps -Pearl Trim (large and small strips and swirls) -Rhinestones -Mod Podge or Adhesive of Choice -Scallop and Heart Punches

Instructions: 1) Cut and adhere scrapbook paper to paper mache box. We used one print for the raised sections, another for the indented sections. Overlap the raised sections slightly over the indented ones to cover gaps. 2) Embellish seams with pearl trim. We used Zva pearl strips and swirls. 3) Punch scallop and heart from cardstock. Embellish with pearls and rhinestones as desired. Adhere to center front of lid to create “clasp”.

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