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Thanksgiving Memory Jar

Learn how to make your very own Thanksgiving memory jar with this free diy how-to from Beverly's!

Thanksgiving Memory Jar Supplies:

1 Mason Jar Rice Split Peas Photo of your choice Card stock Adhesive Ribbon Stickers & Embellishments

Thanksgiving Memory Jar Instructions:

Fill Mason jar 'A full with rice. Top with a thin layer of split peas. Cut photo to fit inside jar. Glue to cardstock for a decorative backing. Nestle picture about W into rice to stand it up. Nestle a few mementos, leaves or embellishments at base of picture. Glue ribbon around metal jar ring. Add leaves and berries at the center front. Embellish top of jar if desired.
This project translates easily to other holidays or as a vacation memento. Instead of grain or rice, fill the jar with one of the following and adjust the embellishments or mementos to fit the theme: Christmas -Faux Snow Valentine's Day - Candy Hearts Easter-Jelly Beans Summer-Sand Halloween - Candy Corn