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Tea Towel Apron


  • Tea towel
  • 1/4 yard of printed fabric
  • 1/16 yard of coordinating printed fabric
  • 30” piece of 1” wide grosgrain ribbon in two colors
  • 12” piece of 0.25” wide decorative ribbon or trim
  • 3 yards of 1.5” wide satin ribbon
  • Fabri-tac
  • Pinking shears
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread

Project Downloads
  1. Using your pinking shears, cut two 6”x 6” fabric squares for the pockets.
  2. Using your pinking shears, cut one 2.5” wide strip of fabric; repeat for other print.
  3. Sew a running stitch down raw edge of fabric. Stitch, leaving extra thread on both sides.
  4. Repeat for other fabric strip.
  5. Holding the thread on one side, pull fabric down to create a ruffle.
  6. Repeat for other fabric strip.
  7. Fold tea towel in half with one side 3.5” shorter than the other.
  8. Glue 1.5” satin ribbon to the tea towel, starting in the middle of the ribbon and middle of the tea towel, gluing your way to the sides.
  9. Glue the ruffle down on the edge of the tea towel; repeat for other tea towel edge.
  10. Glue grosgrain ribbon on top of the fabric edge; repeat with other ribbon.
  11. Find the middle of the tea towel. Place pockets 5” apart from each other.
  12. Fold over ½” of the top of the pocket and glue on the remaining sides and bottom.
  13. Repeat for second pocket.
  14. Cut two 6” piece of decorative ribbon or trim.
  15. Glue to pockets, 1” from top edge.