> Super Saver Chunky Yarn

Super Saver Chunky Yarn

Yet another beautiful medium weight yarn material with myriad uses, Super Saver Chunky Yarn is your choice when want to work through your next fabric project quickly and easily. This yarn is a bit heavier than the original Super Saver Yarn textile without becoming too heavy, bulky or difficult to work with. Though Super Saver Chunky Yarn is made from 100% acrylic textiles, it has the appearance and warmth of wool. Because the acrylic composition of this yarn makes it easy to care for, you can use It to create fabrics that are ready for everyday use such as sweaters, scarfs, winter hats, mittens, home décor materials and countless other items! Beverly’s online fabric store, your source for quality cloth and discount fabric, offers Super Saver Chunky Yarn in a variety of colors including: “Tea Leaf,” “Carrot,” “Magenta,” “Coffee,” “Teal,” “Cherry Red” and “Soft Navy” among others. Shop our selection of Super Saver Yarn today!

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