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Super Fine Yarn

For a knitting or crochet project that requires delicacy, precision and an overall neat look, worsted weight and bulky yarn just won’t cut it—you’ll need the refined thinness of super fine yarn. Though bulky material can provide warmth and make quick work of a large fabric project, super fine yarn can be used to create intricate patterns and emphasize detail. A super fine textile usually requires either a size 2 or 3 needle and yields around 23 to 27 stitches every four inches or so. Super fine yarn materials can be used to create intricate placemats, decorative home interior fabrics, toddler textiles, socks, thin blankets and many other projects! A range of blends can be found in the Super Fine Yarn section of Beverly’s online fabric store, including wool, nylon, acrylic and cotton. Shop Beverly’s vast selection for the best in discount fabric, quality cloth and yarn of all weights!