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Super Bulky Yarn

Though worsted weight, or medium weight, yarn fabric can be used for a broad, diverse range of projects, sometimes you simply need the heft of super bulky yarn material. Super bulky yarn, regardless of textile composition, typically requires a size 11 needle to be worked with and gives an average gauge of six to eleven stitches every four inches or so. Why might you need a super bulky yarn? The large size of super bulky yarn makes tackling big projects, such as carpets, rugs or oversized shawls, much easier. These materials also trap and hold air well, making them perfect for winter fabrics. Beverly’s online fabric store, your source for discount fabric and affordable cloth, carries plenty of these textiles so that you can get your super bulky fix! Materials from Coats and Clark, Lion Brand and other manufacturers are available in a variety of textile blends. Shop our super bulky selection now!