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Woven Striped Ticking from James Thompson and Co. Inc. - Navy Blue and Cream

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6oz. Striped pillow ticking.
Striped cotton pillow ticking in dark blue and cream from James Thompson Inc.

About this fabric: Ticking is a tightly woven twill fabric that often has the same weight and feel of denim. Originally ticking was used for making covers for pillows and mattresses because it was so tightly woven that it prevent down feathers and straw from poking through. Because of this it is commonly known as mattress ticking. True ticking is made with a stripe pattern that has been woven in for long lasting durability. This particular ticking is specifically made to withstand down feathers from poking through. Because of his it is a stiff and heavyweight fabric that has an extremely tight weave that has barley any give. It comes in the traditional dark blue stripe and cream background. This pillow ticking is traditionally used to cover down feather pillows or mattresses but because this ticking is so durable and long lasting it can be used for a wide variety projects. It is great for creating home decor items that will bring a simple sophisticated country home atmosphere. Create exquisite matching sets of dinning room items such as; chair cushions, table runners, placemats, and napkins. It is also great for making heavy duty lasting totes and bags for groceries or fun on the beach.


SKU : 08413271517
Material : Tickings
Content : 100% cotton
Fabric Width (inches) : 32
Manufacturer Number : 171517
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : James Thompson And Co.