Stiffy Ghost

Create your own stiffy ghost for Halloween with this free how-to series from Beverly's!

Materials: Cheesecloth Stiffy Fabric Stiffener Styrofoam Cone Styrofoam Ball 16 gauge Wire Black Paint Water Plastic Wrap Plastic Bowl

Instructions: 1. Glue Styrofoam ball to top of Styrofoam cone. 2. Bend two pieces of 16 gauge wire to form arms. Insert in Styrofoam cone. 3. Cover wire arms with plastic wrap to prevent sticking. 4. Mix equal parts fabric stiffener and water in plastic bowl. 5. On a protected work surface, dip cheesecloth into bowl and saturate with stiffener. Wring out and drape over Styrofoam ghost form. 6. Repeat with 1-2 more pieces of cheesecloth. 7. Pull bottom edges of cheesecloth to give the ghost a windblown look. 8. Allow ghost to dry for 24 hours. Remove from Styrofoam form. 9. Paint on eyes with black paint, or glue on googly eyes.

Follow this link to view the project video! Stiffy Ghost Video

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