> > > > Some Bunny Loves You Card

Some Bunny Loves You Card


  • Blank Card
  • Quilling Paper
  • Quilling Tool
  • Glue
  • “Some bunny loves you!” (step 5)

  1. Start by quilling one large circle for the bunny and bending it into a teardrop shape (body). Next quill two medium sized circles and bend them into less dramatic teardrops (legs). Now quill one more medium circle and pinch to form a little “nose” (head). Quill four small circles and flatten them into eye shapes (ears and arms).
  2. For the tail, curl a full strip of white into a medium circle to make it look more full.
  3. For the carrot, quill an orange piece and push out the center to elongate the shape. Then make a small orange circle with a large hole to cover the top. Cut small pieces of green paper with fringe and glue into the top circle of the carrot.
  4. Assemble your bunny either directly on the card or by gluing the pieces together on your work surface.
  5. Print or write your “Some bunny loves you” phrase and glue to the card.

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