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Silk Screen and Sponge Paint Apron w/ Video

Silk Screen Apron Supplies:
-White apron
-Simply Screen (made by Plaid)
Silk Screen Stencil
Foil and Glitter Adhesive
Silk Screen Glitter
Screen Printing Paint
-Fabric Paint (DecoArt-So Soft) and foam brushes
-Ruler, scissors and masking tape
-Parchment paper and iron
-Miracle Sponges Compressed Sponges
-Bowl of water

Silk Screen Apron Directions:
1. Select letters, measure and tape in place.
2. Follow directions on Silk Screen pkg. & proceed. Dry.
3. Tape heart stencil between letters, apply adhesive & glitter according to pkg. directions.*
4. Apply fabric paint to palms with foam brush and press into position (practice on scrap fabric).
*Additional tips to applying adhesive: Use foam brush to apply adhesive in desired area, allow to set for 3 minutes, apply a second coat and allow to set for 30 seconds, remove silk screen & sprinkle with glitter, allow to set for 24 hours, shake off excess glitter. Follow directions on package to heat set glitter.

Handprint apron:
1. Cut desired shapes out of Miracle Sponges.
2. Place in water to expand, squeeze out excess water.
3. Apply fabric paint to one side with foam brush.
4. Place sponge on apron and press GENTLY. Allow to dry for 48 hours.
5. Wash sponges immediately to use in another color.

Daisy apron:
Cute daisy flower shapes were created from compressed sponges using Sizzix die cutter. After expanding them with water & wringing dry, use fabric paints to sponge designs on apron. When dry, add like color buttons for a finishing touch. Make a matching card!

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