Shell Bottle Topper


  • Clear Glass Bottle
  • Shells
  • Sea Glass
  • Mod Podge™
  • Food Coloring- green and blue
  • Hot Glue
  • E-6000™
  • Cork
  • Small Wooden Dowel
  • Jute
  • Sand

  1. Mix a few drops of food coloring into Mod Podge™ to achive your desired color. Paint on glass bottle with sponge brush. Let dry.
  2. With hot glue, attach jute decoratively around bottle. We began 1 inch from neck of bottle and went up the neck various lengths.
  3. Poke a small hole in the top of a cork that fits into the bottle.
  4. Insert a small wooden dowel that has been cut to fit half way into the cork and glue with hot glue to secure.
  5. Using E-6000™, or hot glue, attach the top of the wooden dowel to the inside of the shell.
  6. Lay shell flat and using E-6000™, spread sand on top of the glue and let dry.
  7. When dry, use a paintbrush and dust off the excess sand.
  8. Hot glue sea glass or other small shells, or a pearl bead in place to conceal any dowel that may be exposed and embellish.