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Seersucker Stripe Cotton Fabric - Royal Blue

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Please Note: Fabric over 10 yards long may come in multiple cuts.

Seersucker Stripe Poly-Cotton Blend fabric in Royal Blue from Robert Kaufman

Seersucker Royal Blue: This is one more incredible Seersucker stripe fabric from Robert Kaufman in royal blue and white. Each stripe measures about 1/8" wide and run along side salvage of the fabric. Utilize this Seersucker fabric for a number of apparel and home décor uses, nothing breathes quite as perfectly as seersucker.

Robert Kaufman Seersucker Fabric: This classic poly cotton blend has recognized itself in the sewing community as an outstanding summer apparel fabric that will never out of style. Seersucker fabric is woven in a special way which causes threads to bunch together, creating a wrinkled appearance. Due to the bunched look, Seersucker fabric creates pockets of air that enable you to breathe easy when wearing. Seersucker fabric is also attractive in home décor projects, such as window dressings and other kitchen décor. Overall, Robert Kaufman’s Seersucker Stripe is one more traditional apparel fabric we’re proud to carry at our online fabric store.


SKU : 45011709693
Material : Seersucker
Content : 60% Comed Cotton 40% Polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 56/57
Manufacturer Number : CXS-2901-3
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : Robert Kaufman
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