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Seersucker Fabric

If there’s one fabric that never goes out of style during the warm spring and hot summer months it is, without a doubt, good old seersucker! Seersucker is a blended cloth material featuring 60% combed cotton and 40% polyester, which gives the resulting textile an ultra-comfortable softness while allowing it to breathe and stretch slightly. The unique weave of seersucker is what gives it its patented wrinkled appearance. This natural wrinkling of seersucker textiles allows air pockets to form amongst the cloth, allowing it to settle lightly upon the skin. Browse our range of seersucker fabrics and other discount fabric within Beverly’s online fabric store to find the perfect match for a cool, airy summer shirt. Seersucker materials also look great throughout at the home as kitchen accents or window dressings. Seersucker is typically associated with a light, pastel color palette which makes it an ideal choice for your spring or early summer projects.

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