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Seashore Dessert Tower

Create your own seashore themed dessert tower with this free how-to series from Beverly's! Materials: 6" square glass plate 8" square glass plate 10" square glass plate 10 glass votive holders 10 electric votive candles Jute cording Sand Dessert of choice Directions: 1. Cut 10 1 yard pieces of jute cording 2. Wrap jute around bottom of the glass votive and tie, repeat for all votives 3. Add sand to the bottom of each votive 4. Place an electric candle in each votive 5. Start with the 10" plate and place five votives on top of the plate, stack the 8" plate on top, place four votives on top of the plate, stack the 6" plate on top and the final votive on top of the plate 6. Fill with the dessert of your choice

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