Sea Shell Garland


  • Shells
  • Jute 50 inches
  • Sea Glass - various colors
  • Starfish 3
  • Nylon Monofilament
  • Hot Glue

  1. Tie a looped knot in both ends of your jute.
  2. Cut pieces of monofilament to desired lengths. For the sea glass, you will double the monofilament for extra strength. For the shells, a single strand is fine.
  3. To the 7 strings that are going to dangle shells, glue one to each end. You may cover the end of the monoifilament with a piece of sea glass. This will also give it a bit more color.
  4. To the 6 strings that are going to dangle sea glass, double and loop at the top. To the two ends of the monofilament, hot glue the darkest color of sea glass. Now, place a lighter color of sea glass 2 inches above the bottom and glue that in place. Repeat with the lightest color of glass and then the clear at the top. You will now have 4 pieces of sea glass glued to the monofilament.
  5. Keeping the glass with the monofilament side up, glue a top piece of the same color to each. Set aside.
  6. Tie each string on to the jute, rotating from glass to shells, and repeating. This is easiest to do when you have the jute strung from one end to the other. I used two small nails and just strung it across while I worked. You could loop it from one piece of furniture to another, etc. The way to do this is hold the loop behind the jute with the loop up. Pull the bottom, whether it be glass or shells up through the loop and it will be knotted to the jute. Watch your spacing to keep them even. It may be easier to work from the middle out on both left and right sides.
  7. When all of the monofilaments are hanging, hot glue the starfish in place to the fronts of the shells or monofilament.