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Scrabble Tile Picture Frame


  • 4 ˝” x 6” Black Picture frame
  • Bazzill Basics Paper
  • Scrabble Wood Letters
  • Red acrylic Paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
  • Bakers Twine
  • Tacky Glue

  1. Glue paper to inside of back of frame and let dry.
  2. Put frame together.
  3. On outside of glass, glue “LOVE” letters in line in middle of glass.
  4. Turn over a tile to show a blank side. Paint red heart. Let it dry.
  5. Add the “Y” and “U” lettter tiles above and below the letter “O”.
  6. Glue Bakers Twine around all sides of the frame from the back, around the front, and to the back again.
  7. Laying frame flat, add Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on top of red heart and let dry.