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School of Magic Robe

Create your own school of magic costume with this free how-to series from Beverly's!


1 Black T-Shirt, adult size L 1 Black T-Shirt, adult size S 1 Red T-Shirt, adult size S Fabri-Tac Adhesive Velcro Square Felt Square Iron On Applique Letter Template Emblem (next page)


Fold Large black T-Shirt in half to find center front. Use sharp scissors to cut up the center front line, being careful not to cut the back. Cut neckline ribbing out. Mark center back of neckline. Cut Small black T-shirt across from underarm to underarm. Cut up side of shirt to make long, flat rectangle. Repeat for Small colored T-Shirt. Layer the rectangles from small shirts, and glue, wrong sides together. Fold rectangles in half and glue the shirts' bottom seam to itself, creating a triangular hood. Find center point of remaining long side of rectangle. Match to center back of neckline. Pin or clip long edge around neckline, but form a "V" down the front of each shirt front edge, about four inches deep. Attach with fabric glue. Cut "V" portion out of neckline from original shirt. Attach Velcro square at base of "V". Use template to create Emblem from felt. Attach appliqué letter of your choice to center of emblem. Attach emblem to front left of cape using fabric glue.

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