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School of Magic Broom

Create your own school of magic costume with this free how-to series from Beverly's!


1 inch diameter dowel Tissue Paper Rigid Wrap Paint (brown, black, copper) Raffia Duct Tape Gold Bias Tape Fabri-Tac Chenille Stems Distressing Ink


Twist tissue paper into strands and tape randomly to length of dowel. This will create woody lumps and bumps on your broom handle. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply strips of rigid wrap directly over tissue and dowel. Cover completely and allow to dry thoroughly. Spray paint the broom handle with copper spray paint. Mist or dab with black and brown paint to give the effect of wood. Fold three foot lengths of raffia into 3 bundles. Attach bundles to handle with duct tape. Leave raffia's loose ends hanging down to resemble broom bristles. Wrap duct taped area with gold bias tape. Secure ends with fabric glue. Wrap two chenille stems with gold bias tape. Twist into shape, then attach ends under gold bias tape wrapping bristles. Dab and drag distressing ink along bristles to age your broom.