Ruffled Canvas Bag

This Ruffled Canvas Bag is so stylish and easy! Make one for yourself and one to give as a gift. Match your wardrobe or personality by changing the colors...imagine the possibilities!

Materials: 1 Canvas Bag 1 Fabric Fat Quarter 1 Roll Wired Ribbon (2-1/2"¯ wide) 1 Roll Tulle (6 inch wide) Needle and Thread Fabri-Tac Glue Grosgrain Ribbon (7/8"¯ wide)

Instructions: 1) Rip two 2-1/2 inch wide strips of fabric from the long edge of a fat quarter. Pull a few threads from one long edge to fray. 2) Use a running stitch to hand gather the unfrayed edge of each of the fabric strips. Gather to width of bag and tie off; set aside. 3) Cut two pieces of tulle twice the width of the bag. Fold each piece in half down the length and hand gather along the folded edge. Gather to width of bag; tie off and set aside. 4) Cut two pieces of wired ribbon twice the width of the bag. Use wire to gather one edge to width of bag. Twist wire on both ends to tie off. Completely pull out the wire on the opposite edge and dispose of. 5) Use Fabri-Tac glue to adhere ruffles to bag, overlapping and alternating fabric, tulle and ribbon twice. 6) Cut a length of grosgrain ribbon and tie ends in a bow. Cut loop opposite bow to create flat piece; glue over top ruffle, tucking in ends. That's it! Enjoy your bag!