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Royal Rings and Medal


  • Chenille Stems
  • Rhinestones Small and Large
  • Flat Marble
  • Stickles
  • Hot GlueCardstock Paper Red, Blue
  • Ribbons - assorted
  • Pin Back

Instructions for Royal Rings
  1. Wrap a metalic chenille stem around your finger to fit loosely.
  2. Contine to wrap into the shape of your large rhinestone or flat marble and secure in back.
  3. Wrap a soft chenille stem into a solid disc that will fit to the inside of the metalic stem.
  4. Hot glue in place.
  5. Hot glue your large rhinestone or flat marble to the top side of the ring using hot glue.
  6. Around the outside edge of the large rhinestone or marble, hot glue small rhinestones. In between the gaps of the rhinestones, dab with the stickles in coordinating colors. Let dry.
  7. When dry, shape and adjust to fit finger.
To Make Royal Medal:
  1. Cut 2 strips of blue paper 1 inches wide.
  2. Make inch folds in the paper. You may use a score board.
  3. Fold in an accordion style, back and forth.
  4. Attach at end using double sided tape.
  5. Press down in the middle and hot glue in place to create a rosette.
  6. Cut 2 strips of red paper 1 inches wide.
  7. Follow the directions above for the blue paper.
  8. When two complete rosettes are ready, glue the red on top of the blue with hot glue. Attach a star rhinestone in place at the top.
  9. Cut a 17" piece of 1 inch satin ribbon.
  10. Use a piece of Washi tape and press down in the center on the length of ribbon. Cut two chevrons on the ends.
  11. Fold in half and hot glue to the back of the rosettes.
  12. Hot glue the pin back on top of the ribbon.

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