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Rosette Party Decoration


  • Double-Sided Decorative Papers
  • Martha Stewart™Scoring Board
  • Shells
  • Alcohol Inks
  • 1/8 inch Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape

  1. Cut papers in strips – 3", 2 ˝", 2", 1 ˝", 1" wide. Cut two strips of each with 3 strips of the 3".
  2. Score each strip of paper on the scoring board, in ˝ inch intervals for the length of the paper.
  3. Making one rosette at a time, put double-sided tape on the end of one strip and attach the 2nd strip or on the 3" rosette, the 3rd.
  4. With all strips of each size taped, carefully create a circle and secure at the end to make a complete circle, that will stand up.
  5. Carefully push down the center of each circle to create a Rosette.
  6. Use hot glue to secure in the middle, making sure to glue through the center of the middle hole to completely hold all of the folds in place.
  7. Using the decorative shells, wipe with several colors of alcohol inks to embellish. Let dry.
  8. When all rosettes are complete, punch a small hole on both the top and bottom of each with the exception of the bottom rosette, which will only have the small hole in the top.
  9. Cut the ribbon in 5" pieces and tie one end through the bottom hole, and the other end of the top hole of the rosette that will hang underneath.
  10. The largest rosette will have a longer ribbon allowing you to hang it from the ceiling. Our ribbon for this measures 28" long.
  11. When all are tied together, attach your colored shells with hot glue.

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