Rosette Ornaments


  • Colored Cardstock – Christmas Colors
  • Decorative Christmas Papers
  • Martha Stewart™ Scoring Board
  • Petaloo™ Flowers
  • Stickles™ - Christmas Colors
  • Ribbon
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Yarn Needle
  • Hot Glue

  1. Cut 2 inch strips of Christmas colored card stock. (cut 2 for each rosette).
  2. Score at ½ inch intervals on the scoring board.
  3. Fold on creases to create an accordion style fold for the complete length of the paper.
  4. Stick ends together using double-sided tape to create a circle
  5. Push the paper flat to create a rosette.
  6. Hot glue the center of the rosette to hold in place. Let cool.
  7. Repeat the process on the other side. Let cool.
  8. Use decorative papers that have been layered on contrasting card stock to embellish. Hold the two pieces of paper that you are layering together with double-sided tape.
  9. Add the embellishment to the center of your rosette and secure with hot glue.
  10. Trim off the edges, both the upper left and the bottom right with bits and pieces of Petaloo™ flowers, bits of ribbons cut at an angle and drops of Stickles™. Let dry. Repeat for other side.
  11. At this time, you can decide if you want your rosettes to be ornaments or a banner. If you want ornaments, thread your yarn needle with embroidery thread and poke a hole with the needle in the top center of your rosette (about ¼ inch from the top). Tie the thread in a loop to hang.
  12. If you want a banner, tie from each top side and connect to another to create a banner as long as you like. You may also use a 1/8 inch ribbon to do this. If you like, you can connect the rosettes hanging down in groups of 3-7 for a hanging decoration. You will be connecting the bottom of one to the top of the one below. The combinations are endless.