Romantic Paper Cone


  • Paper Cone
  • Bazzill Antique Sheet Music and Newsprint Paper
  • Gold Vellum
  • Grey Felt
  • Cotton Lace Trim Wide & Narrow
  • Organza Ribbon
  • Petaloo Flowers - Cream
  • Crinkle Shred Kraft
  • Adhesive
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

  1. Make 8-10 paper flowers by cutting strips of sheet music, newsprint and vellum 3" x 12". Fold strips in half and roll tightly. Let loosen slightly, then secure edge of paper with adhesive.
  2. Make 3-4 felt flowers by cutting strips 2" x 9". Roll strip, moving edge down slightly to make petals. Secure edge with adhesive.
  3. Make 2 lace flowers by rolling lace and securing edge with adhesive.
  4. Cover cone with sheet music paper, folding to inside edge of cone and securing with adhesive.
  5. Embellish cone with a spiral of pearl trim.
  6. Make a hanging handle with narrow lace by securing to inside edges of cone.
  7. Fill cone with shred.
  8. Attach paper, felt and lace flowers with hot glue as desired. Add Petaloo flowers.
  9. Embellish with organza ribbon.