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Here is where youíll find our constantly growing selection of Robert Kaufman fabrics. We carry vast amounts of Kaufman textiles; everything from solid apparel basics to brand new licensed quilting collections. Browse through our seemingly endless choices; floral prints, gingham, linen, Kona cotton solids, interior design jacquards all can be found within our Robert Kaufman selection. And donít forget about the holidays! Weíre proud to offer Christmas and Halloween material year round here at Beverlyís online fabric store. All in all, itís safe to say that you can count on Beverly’s to bring you the latest and greatest from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.

And if providing new collections regularly wasnít enough, you can always browse through our Kaufman basics, blenders, and texture collections for those hard to match shades. Itís important to us to keep you supplied through every project, working with you start to finish on your next sewing project.

If youíre in need of a Kaufman textile and canít seem to find it, donít hesitate to give us a call and we will make our best effort to provide the material you require.