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Ribbon Cuddle Minky Fabric - Sunshine

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Ribbed Minky Polyester Fabric in Sunshine from Shannon Fabrics

Ribbed Minky Sunshine: This stunning ribbed minky offered by Shannon Fabrics is in a warm and exuberant sunshine yellow! And it's one-of-a-kind ribbed hand makes it a must have for creating comfy blankets and more! Shannon Fabric's Ribbed Minky is attainable in a myriad of positively gorgeous shades and hues to choose from, making it nearly impossible for you to not find the shade that you've been looking for! Minky fabric is an phenomenally soft and smooth micro fiber polyester fabric that endures an wonderfully soft and sleek hand that is perfect for using in the creation of warm and cuddly winter blankets, bedding accents and more! To sum things up, this outstanding ribbed minky offered by Shannon Fabrics is yet another superb textile that we here at Beverly's online fabric store are absolutely thrilled to offer! Try a yard or two out today!


SKU : 45088901519
Content : 100% micro fiber polyester
Fabric Width (inches) : 58/60
Manufacturer Number : ribcudsunshine
Condition : New
Color : Yellow
Manufacturer : Shannon Fabrics
Product Line : Embossed Ribbon Cuddle Minky