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Rhinestone Heels


  • Pair of fabric covered shoes of your choice
  • Hot Glue
  • Rhinestones by the yard
  • wide Card Stock Paper
  • Small Craft Knife

  1. Wipe shoes to assure that they are dust free.
  2. Measure around shoe to determine how many "stripes" of rhinestones you will need.
  3. Cut a strip of card stock paper inch wide to be used as a spacer.
  4. Draw a light line down the inside heal of the shoe, from the top of the heal to the sole.
  5. Holding a long strip of rhinestones, place hot glue down the pencil line.
  6. Immediately apply the rhinestones, working from the top to the bottom, in the hot glue. This will dry immediately.
  7. Trim excess off at the sole with a small craft knife.
  8. Using your inch spacer paper, mark with pencil your next line.
  9. Repeat the process working around the shoe working left to right until the heal is completely covered on both shoes.