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Rhinestone Headband


  • inch Rhinestones by the yard
  • inch Elastic
  • inch Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Thread

  1. Measure Rhinestones to go across head ear to ear. Approximately 12 13 inches.
  2. Cut 3 lengths.
  3. Sew all 3 lengths together on one end only.
  4. Tape that sewn end to a worktable or using a large safety pin, secure.
  5. Braid the 3 lengths together.
  6. When you reach the other end, sew to secure.
  7. Cut a length of elastic that will go around the back of your head and over lap each end of the Rhinestones by inch.
  8. Set the elastic to secure very tightly.
  9. Wrap the sewn edges with Grosgrain Ribbon and sew in place on each side. You can also Hot Glue the Ribbon.

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