> > > Rhinestone Belt with Bow

Rhinestone Belt with Bow


  • 1 inch wide Grosgrain Ribbon
  • ½ inch wide Rhinestones by the yard
  • 6 inch wide Sheer Fabric
  • Fancy 1 inch button
  • Hook and Eyes
  • Hot Glue or Fabric Tac™

  1. Measure Ribbon to waist, add 3 inches and double it.
  2. Cut to length.
  3. Fold one end of the ribbon in 2 inches and glue in place.
  4. Fold the other end in to meet and over lap the first end by ½ inch. Finger press flat.
  5. Turn over to have right side up.
  6. Measure the ½ inch wide Rhinestones by the yard and cut to length of ribbon, less ½ inch.
  7. Glue to ribbon. Leave one side with Rhinestones ½ inch short of the edge. This is where you will sew your "Eyes" from the "Hook and Eyes." Sew the Eyes.
  8. Measure around your waist again and find the placement for the "Hook" of the "Hook and Eyes" on the underside of the opposite end. Sew the Hooks.
  9. Tear the Sheer Fabric on both edges to make it curl slightly and roll upon itself.
  10. Fashion into a bow, making several loops on each left and right sides. Hold together and stitch in center to secure. Cut off excess.
  11. Take another small strip and wrap around the center and secure to back. Attach the decorative button in the center top.
  12. Stitch the entire bow on top of the belt, several inches near the end where you have sewn the Hooks.

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