Rewarding Ivy Bowl


  • Ivy Bowl
  • Decorative Papers (AC “On Trend”) shown
  • Chipboard Stickers
  • Wired Ribbon
  • Double Sided Adhesive
  • Decorative Glass Marbles
  • Finetipped Sharpie

  1. Clean ivy bowl.
  2. Cut 6 decorative papers into 2 inch by 9 inch strips to make rewardstrips.
  3. Embellish with scrapbook paper and chipboard stickers as desired. Personalize by writing on each reward strip individually.
  4. Decorate the outside of the ivy bowl using sticker strips and chipboard stickers.
  5. Tie wired ribbon bow around neck of the bowl.
  6. Fill the bowl with glass marbles and insert the reward strips inside.