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Reindeer Wall Hanging


  • 5x5 Wood sign blank with two holes
  • Foam sheets 1 ea: Red, Brown, Tan, Pink
  • Fabri Tac Glue and Hot Glue
  • Jute Twine and jingle bells
  • Stapler
  • Acrylic paint black, brown, white

  1. Paint 5x5 plaque all over with brown acrylic paint
  2. Cut a rectangle out of red for nose.(3 x 2 ) Using the above photo for placement glue into place.
  3. Cut strips out of tan foamie for bangs. (1/4 in x 3.5 in) Gather in a pleasant array and staple to hold together. Using hot glue and fabri tac glue into place.
  4. Cut ears out of brown and pink foamies. (3 in tall x 1 wide approx) Trim pink to be slightly smaller than brown by to inch. Add Fabric tac glue to hold permanently then hot glue them in place to hold now. Hold in place pinching with fingers until you get a solid hold with the glues.
  5. Cut out cute antler shapes from the brown foam and glue to back of plaque being careful not to cover holes. (Approx 5 inch tall - 1 inch of it is glued in place on the back)
  6. Gather 6 - 1 ft pieces of jute twine and tie into bow add bells, trim and glue into place. Take a 1ft piece and using holes in top of plaque add a loop to hang the plaque.
  7. Take black paint and make eyes, and line for mouth .
  8. Following photo make white paint accents to eyes, nose and face.