Rainbow Tu-Tu


  • Tulle Rainbow Colors
  • Inch Wide White Elastic

  1. Measure waistband and add two inches using the inch white elastic. Sew ends together to create a circle waistband.
  2. Measure and cut strips of tulle. You will want enough to completely go around your waistband when tied on. We cut 3 strips for each color. Each strip was cut to measure 3 inches by 54 inches. We had approximately 46 groups of colors around this skirt.
  3. When strips of tulle are cut, gather in one hand to make a group (three of each of each color). To easily tie the groups of tulle onto the elastic we found this easy way. Step into the elastic waistband. Pull it up just past your knees and sit in a comfortable position. Fold a group of tulle strips in half and lay over the top of the elastic loop. Bring the loose ends back under the elastic, and up and through the loop. Pull down to tighten. Repeat this process until the elastic if fully covered and you have reached the fullness you desire. You can use any color combination you desire, and any amount of strips in each group of tulle strips.