> > > Rainbow Leprechaun Trap

Rainbow Leprechaun Trap


  • Craft Sticks wide in rainbow colors
  • Tacky glue or Hot Glue &glue sticks
  • Green Chenille Stems
  • Assorted candies

  1. Line up 8 Craft Sticks.
  2. Using your glue of choice, attach one stick aross the top, and one across the bottom.
  3. Rotating colors, glue sticks to form a box.
  4. Make a lid by repeating step #2.
  5. Embellish a single Craft Stick by hot glueing green Chenille Stems formed into two separate shamrocks.
  6. Prop up Trap lid by using the decorated single stick.
  7. Fill Trap with assorted Leprechaun candy temptations.