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Precut Fabrics

If you’re an avid quilter, having a broad selection of precut fabrics in your stash is a great way to stay inspired and motivated to continually craft with cloth! One of our most popular precut fabric sets, Bali Pops, is a collection of 40 2 ˝” by 44” colorful Batik textiles that you can use to generate new project ideas or to match coordinate materials in your current quilt. The exotic names of each material set hint at the color of the each textile they contain: Coconut, Key Lime, Cherry and Blueberry, among others. For a more exotic quilting experience, take home a set of our Island Batik Strips. Each set contains precut fabric strips featuring patterns that are inspired by their area of origin, the Indonesian Islands! Beverly’s online fabric store offers variety of other discount fabric sets, including Bali Snaps, Bali Crackers, Tonga Treats, Fat Quarters, Jelly Rolls and an assortment of other quilting kits!