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Dylon Powder Fabric Dye - Jean Blue

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Powder Fabric Dye in Jeans Blue from Dylon.

• 1-3/4 Oz. Package

• 1 Package Dyes 1/2 lb.

• Suitable for Fabrics Made of:

• Cotton                        • Linen                            • Viscose                        • Wool

• Silk                             • Polyester Cotton Blends                                    • Polyester Viscose Blends

About Powder Fabric Dye in Jeans Blue: Whatever your dyeing needs Dylon provides a rainbow of colors to get the job done! It will meet all your redecorating, crafting, wardrobe, and fabric needs. Dylon Dye works best and will achieve full color with fabrics made out of cotton, linen and viscose. Wool, silk, polyester cotton blends, and polyester viscose blends with dye but in lighter shades. Dylon Fabric Dye will not dye fabrics made out of 100% polyester, acrylic, nylon, and fabrics with special finishes. One package dyes 1/2 pound dry weight or one large T-shirt.

Jeans Blue is a classic indigo jean color, perfect for reviving old and faded jeans.


SKU : 07287987023
UPC : 072879870237
Manufacturer Number : D87023
Condition : New
Color : Blue
Manufacturer : Dylon